Sunday, May 07, 2006

the town of windsor has it RIGHT

and i want lieberman OUT OUT OUT as well!!!

Windsor Democrats want Lieberman out
By:Kym Soper , Journal Inquirer
WINDSOR - Dissatisfied with Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's support for the Iraq war, the Democratic Town Committee voted 16-14 Thursday to endorse cable television executive Edward "Ned" Lamont for the party's U.S. Senate nomination over the incumbent Democrat.Democratic Town Chairman Leo C. Canty said the 17 delegates being sent to the party's nominating convention on May 19 and 20 aren't bound by the vote.
About 10 are leaning to or support Lamont, of Greenwich, while four are undecided and three are leaning to or committed to Lieberman, Canty said.A "spirited and thoughtful" discussion took place before the vote, Canty said. Regardless of who they supported, all those who spoke were opposed to Lieberman's position on the Iraq War, he said.Those who supported Lieberman felt that because of his tenure in the Senate he had the ability to deliver on other issues, citing his role in keeping the Groton submarine base open.Leonard Swade, a 20-year committee member, spearheaded the Lamont movement on the committee in reaction to Lieberman's unwavering support for President Bush and his policy on Iraq."There are a number of issues, but the primary concern is Joe Lieberman's stance on the war and his support of Bush in that framework," said Canty, who is personally undecided on the Senate race..........

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