Friday, May 12, 2006

in connecticut let's breathe a little easier!

Holding EPA's Feet To The Fire
May 12, 2006

Once again, Connecticut is joining other jurisdictions in taking up the banner of environmental responsibility, filling a vacuum created by the federal government's failed leadership.Connecticut recently joined nine states and three environmental groups, as well as Washington and New York City, in suing the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the agency's steadfast refusal to regulate carbon-dioxide emissions and other pollutants, the primary cause of global warming. The central question in the lawsuit - one the plaintiffs hope the court will answer with a "yes" - is whether carbon dioxide meets the definition of a pollutant under the Clean Air Act..........

...........Yet as the world burns the Bush administration fiddles, wasting precious time by arguing that the science on global warming isn't conclusive and that the solution lies in voluntary initiatives, research and development rather than regulation - or, in this case, that the EPA can't regulate carbon dioxide because it's not a pollutant..............

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