Thursday, May 11, 2006

just a reminder

NEVER EVER give personal information out over the phone. EVER

Jury Duty Scam Warning

News Channel 8 May 10 2006, 1:30 PM EDTNEW HAVEN --
The U.S. Attorney has issued a warning about a jury duty scam affecting people across the state. Someone is making calls pretending to work for the court system, telling people they failed to show up for jury duty.When the person on the other end denies getting a letter, the caller attempts to verify personal information, such as Social Security number and date of birth........

scammers are getting better and better at it. making it more believable. i've seen some GREAT emailed ones that you would SWEAR were real. if there is EVER ANY QUESTION, just forward that email (NEVER CLICK ON THE LINK(S) to the company that allegedly sent it to you and they will verify if it's legitimate or not. loads of ebay and paypal type emails look so real and the links look real too BUT THEY ARE NOT. just be careful out there!~

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