Monday, May 08, 2006

let's wish coach brandon good luck, health, comfort and safety!

for his THIRD tour in iraq! please note, if you read the story you'll see he was previously wounded in iraq. he lost part of a kidney YET, he's got to go back..........

Players Say Goodbye To Coach Headed For Iraq
May 7, 2006 By Natasha Lee, Staff Writer

STAMFORD -- When Julian Bosch found out one of his favorite football coaches, Ryan Brandon, was bound for Iraq, the Stamford High School sophomore knew he couldn't leave without a proper send-off."I thought he should be recognized for his bravery and courage. Our buddy should be appreciated," said Julian, 15. "He's a phenomenal coach, but really a better friend."

More than 20 varsity football players gathered at an barbecue yesterday afternoon at Boyle Stadium to wish Brandon a safe journey as he prepares for a 10-month tour of duty with the Marine Corps as a staff sergeant.Brandon, 29, will head to Iraq on May 14 -- Mother's Day -- for his third tour."It's always a little nerve-wracking. When you're a little younger, you feel like you're invincible. Now that you get a little bit older, you realize how things can happen," he said. "But the country called on me to do a job, so I'm going to go do it.".........

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