Friday, May 12, 2006

this sounds wicked cool!

i'm all for ANYTHING that will help me at the dentist's office (i am PHOBIC about going)

Video device helps patient overcome fear
By Jesse D. Smolin, Record-Journal May 11, 2006
SOUTHINGTON, Conn. --As soon as Darian Dube walked into the dentists office, Bashar Betros was ready for her.
After she slid into the dentists chair, Betros, the primary dentist at Family Dental Practice of Southington, slipped what looked like a black visor and goggles onto her head before the tears started rolling.
As he predicted, as soon as Darian, 9, saw the dentist's chair she became upset. Before Betros put one instrument into her mouth, tears streamed down the child's face.
The goggles Betros put on her were connected to a VCR, which allows patients to watch movies in virtual reality. The four three-dimensional movies are intended to relax patients, including one on hot air balloon rides, traveling to Guatemala, an action movie about skiing, riding a motorcycle and scuba diving near Santa Barbara, Calif. Patients also may bring their own movies.
Betros has offered the movies to his patients since opening his practice five years ago. He bought the goggles after stumbling upon them in a dental supply catalog. The movie allows him to perform 10- to 15-minute procedures he would not otherwise be able to do.
"There are a lot of people who are scared and it helps them," he said. "It helps us, but it really helps them."...............

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