Wednesday, February 22, 2006

speaking of which, there is this.......

comptroller wyman IS RIGHT. medical treatment is up to a WOMAN AND HER PHYSICIAN - NOT a retail drug store chain. KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF OF MY BODY!

from the kaiser network

State Politics & Policy
Connecticut Comptroller Calls on All State Wal-Mart Pharmacies To Stock EC
Connecticut State Comptroller Nancy Wyman has called on Wal-Mart to stock emergency contraception -- which can prevent pregnancy if taken up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse -- in its 20 pharmacies across the state, the AP/Meriden Record-Journal reports. "I believe it is important for women to have a treatment such as [Barr Laboratories' EC] Plan B available as an option if they so choose," Wyman wrote in a letter to Wal-Mart officials, adding, "I also strongly believe that use of this treatment should be a decision made exclusively between a woman and her physician, not a retail pharmacy chain." Wal-Mart spokesperson Dan Fogleman on Thursday said the company is looking over its national policy on Plan B, adding that there are "a lot of broader considerations" and the company is "giving a lot of thought" to the issue (AP/Meriden Record-Journal, 2/17).


Anita said...

A slightly different take on this issue: The treatment a woman (or man) receives is between the patient and the doctor, NOT the people manning the phones at the insurance companies, who have so very often (in my case) rejected my own doctor's diagnoses as well as his/her treatment plans. It's OUTRAGEOUS.

a rose is a rose said...

yes anita, i'm all over that too. i had surgery on my neck a few years back. my doctor wanted me to stay overnight. the insurance company wouldn't allow it. he (my surgeon) found a way around it. however, when i sobered up enough i really did want to go home so i did. it should have been OUR (dr ken and MY) decision NOT aetna or cigna or whomever i had coverage with back then.

Anita said...

Exactly. I have a condition where my doctor (who is very, very respected in his field and no one, believe me, no one, would question his judgement .. nor would I as I've worked with him for a long time) has recommended a course of treatment that is not inexpensive, but I, and many others including my family, believe is the best way to go. All well and good. But my insurance company insists that I go another (less expensive) route, and IF THAT FAILS, well, maybe then they'll pay for what my doctor recommends as the best course of action.

I am SO angry, you can't imagine.

a rose is a rose said...

yes i can imagine anita. i am so very sorry. never give up though-you NEVER know! i'll light a candle or two for ya as well