Wednesday, February 22, 2006

marion lent follow up

this was NOT easy to find mind you. she had ANOTHER court date 2/14 and i've yet to see the disposition on that one. i'll keep looking though, rest assured

A New Leash on Life for 10 Dogs: Rottweiler Owner Surrenders Animals to Town
By Fay Abrahamsson Published on 2/16/2006
Clinton - On Feb. 1, the fate and future of 10 dogs became brighter when their owner, Marion Lent, accused of animal cruelty, relinquished the ownership of her dogs, all Rottweilers, to the town during an emotional hearing at Middletown Superior Court.
“She signed all of the dogs over to us,” said Chief of Police Joseph Faughnan.
In early January, Municipal Animal Control Officer Donna Cavanaugh and officers from the Clinton Police Department arrived at Lent's rented room at 107 Long Hill Road. There, they removed one deceased dog, six adult dogs, and four five-month-old puppies.
The results of the necropsy (animal autopsy) performed at the University of Connecticut on the adult male Rottweiler found that the animal had a handful of staples in its stomach, according to Chief of Police Joseph Faughnan.
“The results of that autopsy showed the dog certainly suffered,” added Faughnan.
The necropsy also showed that the mature dog weighed 52 lbs., almost half of the normal weight of an adult male Rottweiler, according to police. The other dogs were also malnourished when they were found, but they are doing well today, said police.
Lent, 35, formerly of 109 Vons Lane in Winchester, has been charged with 11 counts of cruelty to an animal and six counts of having unlicensed dogs. She had recently moved to Clinton, and she is mentioned in several Internet sites as a breeder and owner of championship dogs, and as owning a company called SanMar Rottweilers. She is noted as the former secretary of the American Rottweiler Club in 2004. ...........

just give me FIVE MINUTES alone with ms lent and with mr rivera (HIS story follows)

Owner cruelto the bone
Faces torture raps after pit bull dies, pups saved


A Freeport man allegedly chained a pit bull on such a tight leash that the dog was strangled when she no longer had the strength to stand, animal protection officers said.
The man also is accused of dangling one of the dog's pups as bait in front of his fighting pit bull, which may have caused the puppy to lose sight in one eye, the officers said.
Geofreda Rivera, 21, of 74 Park Ave., was arraigned yesterday in First District Court in Hempstead on charges of animal fighting, aggravated cruelty to animals and torturing animals......

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