Friday, February 24, 2006

perhaps she didn't realize

philippinos aren't really as white as SHE IS, when she rented the hall out to the filipino-american organization in the first place. goodness gracious she SHOULD be MORE CAREFUL! imagine a brown skinned (i'm imagining his skin to be brown because later on in the article she describes him as 'hispanic') man sitting in a car in a parking lot SMOKING A BUTT! the nerve! then the bio-thch has the NERVE to say the incident is being blown out of proportion. lucky thing she's always been a lily

Drug claim sparks international row
DANIEL TEPFER Connecticut Post
The manager of a Norwalk catering hall touched off an international incident when she asked police to arrest the Philippine consul general's chauffeur, who she told police was smoking narcotics in her parking lot.
The consul general fired off a letter of protest to the U.S. Department of State, and a national Filipino-American organization Thursday demanded an apology from the manager of Chatham Manor, Lisa Guarente.
Norwalk police cleared the chauffeur of any wrongdoing and said he was only smoking a cigarette while waiting for his bosses.
"It think it was an act of insensitivity to the Filipino community," said Bridgeport lawyer Sylvester Salcedo, who represents the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, Northeast Region. "We are seeking an apology for the consul general, her husband and their driver for these shocking and unfounded accusations."
In addition to an apology, Salcedo said the group wants Guarente, whose mother, Ginger Raymond, owns the ritzy Connecticut Avenue catering hall, to donate $500 to the Norwalk Public Library to purchase books and materials on Filipino-Americans and the Philippines. "We don't have to go to World War III over this; we want to do this in a way to convince all of Norwalk to embrace all diversity," Salcedo said.
"They are taking this way beyond what it is," Guarente said. She wouldn't specifically address what she was quoted as saying in the police report............

....According to Norwalk police, shortly after 10 p.m. they were dispatched to the catering hall on a complaint from Guarente, who claimed there was a Hispanic man sitting in a black Mercedes smoking narcotics.
Police said Guarente told them she had observed several men in tuxedos approach the driver's side of the Mercedes and saw "a transaction" take place.
Police said they examined DeLuna, who didn't speak much English, and determined he was only smoking cigarettes.
Salcedo said the tuxedoed man Guarente told police was involved in the "transaction" was the consul general's husband who went out to have a smoke with DeLuna..

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