Monday, December 14, 2009

i was out an about yesterday

it was raw out and it definitely was rainy. at first it TRIED to snow but it couldn't so it just rained and rained. the windshields were not freezing and i saw cars moving easily up and down the street (from the safe and cozy inside of the half door. when i did go outside for a butt, i saw what appeared to be some kind of accident on the sidewalk. a bicyclist was prone on the sidewalk and not able to get up. the fire department and an ambulance (eventually) arrived to assist. the sidewalks WERE a sheet of ice. i saw a lot of people who were walking about the neighborhood slipping and sliding. i guess some of the roads must have been packed with black ice too. i proceeded home with much caution..........

Mangled Mess in Shelton after 50 Car Pileup

A 50 car accident closed Route 110 between Wheeler Street and Leavenworth Road in Shelton for over five hours Sunday.

Police say about 50 vehicles were involved in an accident along Route 110 near Indian Wells Road just before 12:30 p.m.

Steve Arena of Shelton's wife was driving one of those vehicles. She told him that she was driving 20 mph when she lost control of her car on the ice and slammed into the car in front of her. She was able to get out of her car, and watched the next car slam into her. Arena arrived moments later.

"As I got around the turn to approach, I thought I was seeing things in a movie," said Arena. "Just cars every which way, mangeled. I mean I've never seen anything quite like this."

Sixty-two people reported minor injuries and six of those people were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries, said police. ..............

Photo courtesy of Joseph Martinka of the White Hose Fire Co #5 in Shelton.

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