Tuesday, December 15, 2009

da liebs. can't stand 'em. don't want 'em

am embarrassed by 'em. he's NOT my senator. i did NOT elect him. is he thinking of his constituents OR is he being a vindictive steamin' pile? well i know what i think

Joe Lieberman the man who personally killed Health Care Reform

Posted by Rack Jite in Politics

Just when we all thought there was a watered down health care compromise that would work - tossing out the public option in lieu of allowing 55 year olds' and up to buy into Medicare - Senator Joe "Droppy Dog" Lieberman on Sunday said NO WAY. This after months of bragging he would personally filibuster any public option in a health care bill.

Lieberman may very well go down in history as the man who killed health care reform out of spite. He is a vindictive little shit of a man who needs to be RECALLED, today.

This being the end of the year it is time for me to decide who gets the Shithead of 2009 award. Not much doubt on who will win, but it is also time for the Shithead of the Decade award. I think he is going to get it. Sure there's Cheney, Rove, W, Beck, Limbaugh, Dobbs to choose from, but I have say all of them were following their ideology.............

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