Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i am seething with anger

black and blue square has ruined the town of west hartford for ME. i no longer go anywhere near the center (with the exception of every once in a while that whole foods if i can't get to the one at bishops corner). the area is now full of scenesters (you know who i'm talking about). i just described them as having designer suvs, designer dogs, designer kids and designer friends. anyone know what the rents of the center stores and/or black and blue square are? i'm sure they're NOT pretty.

plus where am i gonna park my new designer suv any damn way?

i am not a fan of malls either by the way. but westfarms never should have settled.

Westfarms' Owners Agree To $34 Million Settlement With Blue Back

The Harford Courant
WEST HARTFORD — - The owners of Blue Back Square are getting $34 million in compensation for lost revenue, increased financing costs and other losses as a result of the yearlong construction delay caused by a blizzard of 11 anti-Blue Back lawsuits bankrolled by a retail competitor.

Taubman Centers Inc., the corporate parent of Westfarms mall and the mall's majority owner, agreed in an out-of-court settlement last week to pay its $26.8 million share of the money by today.

Pictures: Blue Back Square

The negotiated settlement — Blue Back lawyers were seeking more than $40 million — resolves Blue Back's 2007 lawsuit seeking damages. There is no admission of liability or fault in the settlement by Taubman, which owns 79 percent of the mall, or its four Westfarms partners, who own 21 percent.

The settlement money is being split by the private developers of Blue Back: Raymond Road Associates, BBS Development LLC and Blue Back Square LLC.

The lawsuits postponed Blue Back construction, resulting in a 2007 opening, just as the national economy began to shrivel.

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