Friday, October 23, 2009

i was going to write about the

gangs in hartford schools disaster (i don't mean the gangs i mean the lies spewing forth regarding them). i don't have to because helen
ubinas did it. the comments on her article however, are shocking to
me. some of them think helen had ulterior motives. some of them
claimed helen was a hack.

well i don't personally KNOW helen, but i don't think she has any
other motive other than to tell a story the way she sees it

it has been PROVEN (by proven, the parties involved ADMITTED they
didn't 'tell the entire truth' and/or, they said they were
'misunderstood' (i.e. COVERUP).

sorry if the truth hurts BUT IT DOES

AS ANYONE WITH A BRAIN KNOWS (especially the parents of the students
of the hartford school system) THERE ARE GANGS NOT ONLY IN HARTFORD

'not meeting the federal definition of gangs' my big fat ass

king eddie HAS GOT TO GO (he's not the only one at fault BUT after all
he IS king)

Hartford School Superintendent Gave Parents A Show Of Arrogance, Disrespect
Helen UbiƱas
If I hadn't witnessed Hartford School Superintendent Steven Adamowski
berating parents for having the nerve to press for a public discussion
about gangs in city schools, I'd never have truly appreciated how deep
his disrespect runs.

He scolded Milly Arciniegas for allowing the press to attend the
meeting in a tone better reserved for a student than an involved
parent who also happens to be the president of the Hartford Parent
Organization Council.

He accused her of trying to call attention to her candidacy for the
school board.

And then he sniffed at the handful of parents in attendance; as if
such a small group wasn't worth his time.

"I'm very disappointed," he said.

"Wow," one of the other mothers mouthed.

Wow indeed. ........

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