Thursday, October 22, 2009

et tu van?

$353.00?????????? no way. and at a casino????????????????// no way.

van morrison is my favorite in the entire universe. i love him. i had never seen him until just a few years ago. someone i insulted (because i believed he insulted me first. he claims he didn't but i know he did. i can be BRUTAL and of course i was. i ended up apologizing. as it turned out he had some connections) gave a friend of mine (for me) 2 tickets to go see van. i didn't get them until a few days after the incident. as i said, it was a surprise. i cried when i got them. i cried when i saw van morrison too.

solomon burke was his opening act. he blew me away. by the time van came on i was beside myself. i was absolutely silent and still and in awe for the WHOLE concert (there was a point for just a few seconds i had to direct my attention to someone sitting right in front of me. again, as i said, i can be brutal and THAT incident ended immediately).

there was no small talk. there was no chatting to the audience. there was just raw, beautiful, powerful soul and music. that said, you can see how much i love him. but i would NOT pay $353.00 to see him

van, i still love you the best and i always will. you ARE the best. i'll follow you into the mystic

Van Morrison Doing 'Astral Weeks' In Waterbury, At Foxwoods

The Hartford Courant

These days, an artist who released an album as poorly received as "Astral Weeks" was upon its debut in 1968 would find himself dropped in no time.

Instead, Van Morrison kept making records, and "Astral Weeks" grew in reputation like some half-forgotten secret, gathering word-of-mouth momentum until it was viewed as a landmark album — not only Morrison's best but one of the best of all time.

At once intimate and inscrutable, the album is an experimental masterpiece contrasting simple acoustic guitar with complicated percussion and lush string arrangements on eight songs mixing folk, soul and jazz. It's a powerful collection that has resonated deeply enough with fans over the years to land at No. 19 on Rolling Stone's 2003 list of the 500 best albums of all time.

Last year, 40 years after the release of "Astral Weeks," Morrison revived the album for a handful of performances in Los Angeles and New York, marking the first time he had ever performed many of the songs in concert. He reprises "Astral Weeks" at shows Saturday in Waterbury and Wednesday at MGM Grand at Foxwoods...........

caravan from the last waltz (with the band backing him up)

van morrison 5 part interview with the cbc

it's not what it seems

if you can shake your ass, i guess it must be all right

holy shite, van yucking it up with regis and kelly????????????

pic: Van Morrison sings in concert at the Tower Theater July 10, 2008 in Upper Darby, Penn. (TOM GRALISH, MCT / July 10, 2008)

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