Sunday, October 18, 2009

read this story and if your jaw doesn't drop

like mine did, there is something wrong with you

a psychologist uses info from a patient he was treating to have an affair with the patient's wife. that's NOT the jaw dropping part. people are human. some are good and some are evil flaming assholes (i'm not pointing fingers in this story, i'm just saying some people are ok and some aren't). the jaw dropping point is

THE STATE Board of Examiners of Psychologists put the creature (the therapist) on probation for two years ALLOWING HIM TO CONTINUE TO PRACTICE. i hope every single person in connecticut reads this story. they can then make up their OWN minds if they would wish to be treated by a therapist who did such a thing. and i think you all know what i'm saying here.........

Threat Of Discipline Hangs Over Psychologist Accused Of Violating Patient Confidentiality
The Hartford Courant
A North Stonington psychologist is accused of having an inappropriate affair with the wife of one patient and of violating confidentiality rules with another.

Rick Blinderman was having trouble with his marriage, so he turned to therapy.

He started sessions with Reuben Spitz, a North Stonington psychologist.

It didn't turn out the way Blinderman had hoped.

He stopped the therapy in 2004, after less than a year. Months later, the therapist began having an affair with Blinderman's wife, Lori. And, court records say, Spitz used confidential details he learned in his therapy sessions with Rick Blinderman to convince Lori Blinderman to leave her husband.

The state Board of Examiners of Psychologists ruled that Spitz's affair with Lori Blinderman violated ethical standards and it put his license on probation for two years, allowing him to continue practicing with supervision. Spitz admitted to the affair but denied that it violated professional standards because he never treated her. He has appealed the board's ruling.........

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Anonymous said...

wait, the story is sicker than the paper printed...this man is a true maniac and the board that put him on probation was too afraid to take away a colleagues license. Oh, and ofcourse the attorney representing DPH (which actually represents the people of Ct., was probably one of the worst attorneys EVER.

Time for people to stand up a hold these state morons accountable for the egregious mistakes they made. One look at the proceedings transcripts and you will see how inept the states attorney was.
Typical state worker, not worth the money we shell out for their paychecks...

a rose is a rose said...

i cannot say who is a maniac and who isn't. i CAN say i am more than shocked at the board for their leniency. i can also say i would NEVER IN A KAZILLION YEARS wish to be treated by a therapist who did such a thing and i cannot understand ANYONE who would

i don't know any of the attorneys involved so i cannot comment on that either

Anonymous said...

Erin if you had a life and stayed out of everyone else's and stopped making stories up you wouldn't be so sad.

Anonymous said...

anon, cyberstalking again?
Not Erin...but you seem to be making a fool of yourself...

a rose is a rose said...

both of you KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF. fight amongst yourselves and leave my blog out of it