Sunday, October 25, 2009

those wild and wacky connecticut repugs

get 33 bogus accounts tossed (or tos'd as in terms of service) from twitter. i for one couldn't be happier.

however, they (the repugs) have several websites in the NAME OF DEMOCRATS which they refuse to take down. goddess only knows what types of shite they're printing. is this junior high school?

i have always had issues with politicians pointing fingers and saying he did or she did or she did not or he did not. i want to know what the eff YOU are doing or not doing, NOT what the other person is doing or not doing. STAND ON YOUR OWN MERITS (and that isn't peculiar to repugs, i know)

this is just downright distasteful. then again, when you're sinking you reach for ANYTHING

hey chris healy GROW THE HELL UP (is it REALLY free speech if i opened a chris healy, republican web site and acted like i was you....and printed all sorts of stuff i made up? how would YOU feel? would you try to stop me? would you call the authorities on me? OR, would you allow me to say all sorts of shite as i pretended to be you ALL IN THE NAME OF FREE SPEECH??? well chris, that sounds sort of like a plan. i'm actually going to mull it over. careful what you wish for)

uh oh chris, i don't EVEN have to pretend to be you and make shite up! you are doing a GREAT JOB of shitting in your OWN pants

BREAKING: State GOP Chair Chris Healy Arrested for DUI note: that's from 2007

Republicans Overtweet
Twitter shuts down 33 fake accounts created by state Republicans in an attempt to lambast Dems

Barack Obama's victory last year left many Republicans bemoaning their party's ineptitude when it came to political exploitation of the Web. Democrats, they admitted, were far ahead in the art of using the Internet to seduce voters.

So Connecticut Republicans decided it was time to boldly forge into the 21st century, only to stumble when one of their decidedly deceptive experiments ran into trouble last week.

Twitter, Inc., shut down 33 fake Twitter accounts created by Republicans using the names of Democratic state representatives. The Republican scheme was to send out posts under the Democrats' names mocking the liberal tax-and-spend bastards.

"That's unfortunate," was state Republican Chairman Chris Healy's response when told of Twitter, Inc.'s decision. "I'm not quite sure what the issue is, other than that the Democrats were successful in stopping free speech."................

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