Tuesday, September 22, 2009

that's a wrap on the investigation of the murder of annie le

may she rest in peace. may her family, friends and fiance find peace in their lives as well. the world was devastated, i can only imagine how they feel

New Haven Police Done With Le's Murder Investigation; No More Arrests Expected
The Hartford Courant

NEW HAVEN — - Police have wrapped up their investigation of the slaying of Yale graduate student Annie Le and are not expecting more arrests, the police chief said Monday.

Police Chief James Lewis said that police on Saturday seized a vehicle owned by the father of Raymond Clark III, but he declined to say why police sought a search warrant for the vehicle.

"But don't read anything into that," Lewis said. "It doesn't mean that somebody else is going to be arrested. We're finishing up the process of looking at evidence and sometimes you never know where that evidence will take you. But for now, we've made the only arrest we expect to make. "

Clark, 24, an animal laboratory technician at Yale, is charged with murder in the killing of Le, a third-year doctoral student in pharmacology at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.......

............In a press release, police said that Dearington asked the department to clarify a report in The New York Post that said the suspect "broke the bones and mangled the body of" Le "to fit it through a wall."

"This information is false and this myth must be dispelled at the request of the state's attorney," Lewis said in the press release.

Lewis told The Courant that such a report needed to be corrected.

"We'd prefer not to have inaccurate statements out there, particularly ones that are so shocking to the public," he said........

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