Thursday, September 24, 2009

my friend mark robinson

was interviewed by wfsb yesterday

they don't say anywhere in the interview ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK (which can be purchased through the site smoke fire and angels) go to a fund for the victims and their families. SO I'M SAYING IT (again).

i read half of the book a long time ago when mark gave me an initial draft of the first few chapters. i was impressed then but i am more impressed now. mark not only tells you the story of the victims and those that shared their lives BUT he even tells you about the inner workings of a dump truck, the history (as in geology) of how avon mountain got here. he gives us background on the angels (including one doc who treated people at the scene and disappeared into the smoke never to be identified). mark did amazing reasearch.

the book is $20.00 (all inclusive). order it from the site please (if you get it in borders they keep part of the proceeds). OR if you see me anywhere, i have copies. i'll always have copies with me. just stop me and say HEY A ROSE IS A ROSE, toss one o' them thar books over ta me!

channel 3 video link

Surivor Details Avon Mountain Crash In Book
Author Tells Stories Of Victims, Rescuers

A survivor of the deadly Avon Mountain crash is telling his story in a new book.A dump truck slammed into traffic at the base of the mountain in 2005, killing five people.Crash survivor Mark Robinson not only lived through the crash, but also interviewed nearly 100 witnesses and victims for the book, “Smoke, Fire And Angels.”“I don’t remember a thing – it’s just a blank in my mind – and so naturally I’ve had a curiosity,” Robinson said. “I was in the front row of this event and I don’t remember a thing.”On July 29, 2005, Robinson said he was on Route 44 headed from Canton to Hartford, where he worked at ING. He said he was thinking about how he should have left an hour earlier.....

smoke fire and angels

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