Saturday, September 26, 2009

perhaps more evidence found in the murder case of annie le

wow, i would have thought they went over that area with a fine tooth comb. it's rather odd an employee found the new evidence in a drain pipe (as in what was an employee doing looking in a drain pipe???? although i guess the pipe could have been clogged and maintenance could have been asked to look into it and THEY found the clothing. hmmmmmmm don't know. all speculation on my part)

and once again there are ALL sorts of links in the courant story which is the link below

Potential New Evidence In Yale Murder Case
The Hartford Courant

NEW HAVEN — - State police on Sunday returned to the Yale research lab building where the body of 24-year-old graduate student Annie Le was found a week earlier after the discovery of potential new evidence.

The State Police Central District Crime Squad was called to 10 Amistad St. after an employee discovered clothing in the basement area, apparently in some kind of drain pipe. The evidence was removed for testing.

On Wednesday, the Western District Crime Squad was called to the building to flush out and search other drain pipes in the basement area. No additional evidence was found.

Officer Joe Avery, a New Haven police spokesman, said police recovered "possible evidence or something related to the case," but he declined to elaborate.

"We've never really been totally out of there," Avery said. "We've been back and forth, and we're still in and out of there. This is a big case, and we're going to cross every 't' and dot every 'i.'"............

Funeral Set Today In California For Slain Yale Graduate Student Annie Le
EL DORADO HILLS, Calif. - A funeral for Annie Le, the Yale graduate student killed earlier this month, has been scheduled for today in California, a family spokesman said.

Family members and close friends will attend the funeral at Holy Trinity Church in El Dorado Hills, Calif., said the Rev. Dennis Smith, a New Haven pastor who has served as a family spokesman.......

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