Wednesday, September 23, 2009

domestic violence - BREAK THE CYCLE

over the years i've worked at various shelters for women and children. i've done everything from yard work to washing windows to cooking to holding the hand of a crying woman to holding the hand of a laughing woman.

shelters for victims of domestic abuse are (unfortunately) more than necessary. i have read due to the economy, many (in other states) have been closing. we can't let that happen UNTIL WE STAMP OUT ABUSE

interval house

Men Announce Domestic Violence Initiative
The Hartford Courant

HARTFORD — - Some 30 prominent men from businesses, television news stations, law enforcement and several other agencies in Connecticut gathered at the Legislative Office Building this morning to announce a new initiative in the battle against domestic violence.

The men pledged to help Interval House, a non-profit domestic violence intervention and prevention program, combat the crime by helping to educate children and families to raising money,

"Domestic violence is a cycle that can stop if we provide the leadership. I truly believe that men can make a difference. We're coming to learn, listen and lend a hand, but also to lead," said Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

Blumenthal is chairman of Interval House's Men Against Domestic Violence Campaign: "Men Make a Difference." They have been recruiting men to join their efforts since July.

One of way of breaking the cycle is awareness, Blumenthal said, and several television news stations have vowed to help with education and outreach. Brad Drazen, a news anchor for WVIT 30 ( NBC Connecticut), is planning on doing public service announcements with Blumenthal..............


Sacha Wilharm said...

I agree that awareness is the key to stopping this issue. As a former victim I found it so hard to leave because I felt I had next to no support. Resources for victims are so very vital! That is why I wrote my book, No Part Of Their World. It is my hope to join the fight and raise awareness by helping my readers find the courage in themselves to leave their situtaions and better their lives. My book can be found on and as well as the publisher's website:

JS Huntlands said...

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