Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i am never going to stay in a marriott and i'm begging you all to find alternatives as well. there is NO doubt in my mind they would have gone through with this EXCEPT for all the negative publicity. you know that and i know that. they also revealed the identity of the rape victim by CALLING HER CHILDREN'S BABY SITTER AS AN EFFING WITNESS (witness to what i'd like to know. the baby sitter didn't see, hear or know the woman was going to be raped.). they were going to call SEVERAL people as witnesses including her fitness instructor. why? well could it be for intimidation purposes? don't know, you tell me.....

here's a petition you can sign from moms rising

Marriott Withdraws Claim In Rape Case

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and here's a WHOLE lot of info on who OWNS the marriotts and all sorts of OTHER info (lots and lots of it)

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