Monday, August 17, 2009

the courant does a story on domestic violence

we have a VERY small state. VERY small. here are some figures from 2007. remember THESE ARE ONLY THE ONES THAT WERE ACTUALLY REPORTED

we cannot remain silent. we must speak out. we must protect our sisters (yes, and in some cases our brothers) and our children (and animals). an abuser won't stop with his (or her) partner. they'll go on to the kids or animals if they haven't already. speak out. don't be afraid. if you see something or hear something that isn't right, CALL THE POLICE. don't ignore it. DON'T

'in 2007, slightly more than 20,000 incidents in Connecticut were classified by police as family violence cases — crimes involving a spouse, a former spouse, a relative, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a live-in companion or the mother or father of the victim's child. Included in that number are these:

•22 family violence homicides.

•6,543 assaults.

•107 sexual assaults.

•17 kidnappings.

•149 instances of risk of injury to children.

•6,691 cases of disorderly conduct.

•4,212 breach of peace cases.

•2,013 violations of court orders.

•288 instances of criminal mischief.

Those numbers include scores of women who have been victimized more than once.'

High-Profile Cases Put Spotlight On Domestic Abuse


Ken Edwards shakes his head in disbelief when he thinks about his first domestic violence training session as a rookie cop in New London in 1981.

The instructor encouraged the young officers to keep family violence a private matter and told them an arrest "is absolutely your last option," Edwards recalled. "Otherwise, see if you can get the guy to take a walk ... down to the corner bar."

That approach is all but extinct today.

The "Tracey Thurman Law" in 1986 made arrests mandatory if there's evidence of an offense. Law enforcement training now delves into the complexity of family violence, and the attitudes of the police, the public, prosecutors and judges have broadened.

Domestic violence, victim advocates say, is finally being seen for what it is: a crime.........

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