Friday, August 21, 2009

more connecticut domestic violence

but this one rather takes the cake. unbelievable

(have to say 'allegedly' here) ALLEGEDLY - a man puts a mask on, beats up the woman he was going to marry IN FOUR DAYS, marries her, then he gets found out. well she suspected it all along she said. hmmmmmmmmmmm

anyway, seems like she gave him the boot AS SHE SHOULD HAVE. oh and he's an alderman for the town of ansonia.

hope the OTHER WOMAN (allegedly) LEAVES HIS ASS TOO

Masked Alderman Attacked Fiancee: Report

On July 1, a 32-year-old Ansonia woman came home to a nightmare, and police now say her husband -- an alderman who was up for re-election in November -- was behind her attack.

Keith Maynard, 42, resigned from his position on the Ansonia Board of Alderman on the eve of his arrest, according to the Valley Independent Sentinel.

The man inside knocked the woman to the ground, covered her with a blanket and hit her with a baseball bat, police said. She told police she did not recognize him. He was wearing a mask, the New Haven Register reports.

Police investigated. They were told a man was seen running from the house soon after assaulting the victim but police could not find him. The woman was taken to Griffin Hospital to be treated for minor injuries...............

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