Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FavoriteMedia LLC is having an OPEN CASTING CALL


FILM CASTING EVENT August 23rd, 1 pm - 7 pm @ the SHADOW ROOM CAFE/LOUNGE - 170 Main St. Middletown, CT.

Top CT-based filmmakers uniting to seek out local talent for upcoming feature film projects featuring...

Casting for Director Alessandro Signore's Sensory Perception, a sci-fi drama (with existential/human condition story).

The film will be shot in P2 HD with 35mm adaptors and an impressive array of premium lenses, in the Waterbury/Cheshire/Middletown area, in October 2009...AND ...

Several other projects casting, including the Untitled Kurtis Spieler film, as well as a new feature film from Synthetic Cinema International.

Accomplished industry professionals in attendance will include:

David Gere - Producer/Actor (Gossip Girl, Rocky Balboa, Pistol Whipped, Circulation)

Andrew Gernhard - Producer Synthetic Cinema International (Opponent, Sasquatch Assault, Banshee!!!)

Alessandro Signore - Writer/Director (Sensory Perception)

Ryan Casey - Producer/Director/Writer (Crushing Pennies, The Icon of 2nd St.)
Gary Fierro - Writer/Director (Pickman's Model, Ditch)

Kurtis Spieler - Writer/Director (No Remorse For Bloodshed, Circulation)
Leigh Radziwan - Acclaimed Special F/X Artist (Invasive Image)
*We encourage all talent from the NY/CT/MA area to audition. Please bring headshot and resume if you have one. All types and levels of experience considered as we will also be casting extras, and smaller roles. Experience preferred, but not necessary.
For more information, contact:
About Us
FavoriteMedia LLC is a promotional video services production company in central Connecticut which focuses on film and on-line video production services.

FavoriteMedia creates a variety of media from high-end commercial ads to corporate video with emphasis on web marketing solutions.
We also provide film production services for clients and FM's own projects.

Ryan Casey
Director/Producer, FavoriteMedia


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