Saturday, October 25, 2008

our newspaper.........(it's ABOUT TIME dontcha know)

i don't follow who (or is that whom) papers endorse. connecticut is a notoriously democratic state. it's rather shocking they've only endorsed TWO democrats in 244 years. (wow, our paper is 244 years old!)

'Hartford Courant' To Endorse Obama, Only 2nd Democrat Ever
By Dexter Hill
NEW YORK The Hartford Courant will endorse Sen. Obama this weekend, making it the newspaper’s second endorsement of a Democratic presidential candidate in its 244-year history. The pro-Obama editorial will appear on the newspaper’s Web site late Saturday afternoon and in the print edition on Sunday, E&P has learned.

The St. Petersburg Times in key swing state Florida also endorsed Obama in an online posting today (see excerpt below).

The Hartford endorsement selects the Democratic candidate because of his leadership qualities. It calls America “starved for a leader who can restore pride and once again make the nation a beacon for the world,” and argues that Obama is the candidate who could do it. The editorial projects that the Illinois senator would govern from the middle and maintain a calm temperament if elected president.


Anonymous said...

mostly, i think it's funny that anyone cares what the courant thinks.

a rose is a rose said...

i thought it odd it made the NATIONAL news. i guess because it is such an old paper. i can't think of another reason