Thursday, October 23, 2008

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the 'reverend' rapid cabot freeman. i DO know people who practice wicca do NOT worship the devil. most people you ask wouldn't know this. they automatically associate wicca with devil worship. i'm telling you, please don't. one has NOTHING to do with another. in wicca, PEOPLE DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL. just know that

Sprague witchcraft controversy
By News Channel 8's Tina Detelj

Sprague (WTNH) -- A Norwich priest says he is a victim of religious discrimination and retaliation because he's a Wiccan priest.

Rusty Freeman, also known as Rev. Rapid Cabot Freeman, says he's being discriminated against because of his religion -- he's a witch.

"It's about the whole older mentality of 'we don't want none of that witchcraft in our town,'" Rev. Rapid Cabot Freeman said.

The Grist Mill community room above the Sprague Library is where Freeman wants to perform a Samhain ceremony celebrating the Celtic New Year when witches believe the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest.

"It's basically saying to the people, we lost in our life, that we miss and we love you," Rev. Freeman said.

But, his Halloween plans were halted. The First Selectman says he didn't follow proper procedures.

"It's about following the process," First Selectman Catherine Osten said. "We are a process oriented town and we expect people to follow the process and he has not.".........

You Call It Hallowe'en... We Call It Samhain Author: Peg Aloi

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