Sunday, October 19, 2008

i never under stood this

phenomenon. as usual, Helen Ubiñas writes a spot on piece.

i want to add, this is just NOT happening in the black community. it happens in all communities. look at whitey bulger. look at the ey-talians

Telling The Cops Isn't An Easy Call

Helen Ubiñas
The second time, she was frantic.

We'd met years earlier, when I'd written a column about mothers trying to protect one of society's biggest long shots: black sons. She was unluckier than most; she was trying to raise four boys and had already lost one when he was shot and killed in Hartford.

And now here she was, calling me years later about another son, hoping I could somehow better her odds.
Just a few weeks earlier, he'd come home holding his mouth, blood gushing through his fingers. He'd been pistol-whipped by another boy who was after a mutual friend but turned on her son instead.

Call the police, she demanded.

No way, he said. He was no snitch.

She could barely contain herself; that insipid snitching code was why her son's murder remains unsolved. As a cruel sidebar, one of the young men rumored responsible is buried in the same cemetery.

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