Saturday, January 05, 2008

pettibone tavern

UPDATE: FROM SEPTEMBER 11, 2008 SEE THIS POSTING: i've been getting a lot of hits lately..........

was damaged by a sprinkler system. it went off because of a small fire - but the sprinklers kept raining for a long time before being shut off.

it's an historic location. it's wonderful AND haunted (by abigail pettibone). years ago (before it was this incarnation of pettibone and before it was the other place, i think the chart house) when it was pettibone, i used to go there at night sometimes. it was not locked. i had friends who lived across the street. we went to explore. we never took anything or caused any damage. you could feel the stories the house held. perhaps i saw abigail as well......... i do hope they get it back to 'normal' soon

By LORETTA WALDMAN Courant Staff Writer

SIMSBURY — - A smoldering cigarette is being blamed for a trash can fire early Friday that left historic Pettibone's Tavern inundated with water from its sprinkler system.The flames near a second-floor bar were extinguished within minutes, fire officials said. But because no one heard the building alarm and the sprinkler system was not being monitored, the water rained down for hours — causing extensive damage to the 200-year-old wood-frame building."The fire sprinkler really did do its job," said Patrick Tourville, Simsbury's deputy fire marshal. "Unfortunately, due to the fact no alarm company was monitoring the system, the water continued until someone came in the morning.".......

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