Thursday, September 11, 2008

i have been getting a lot of hits lately

on pettibone tavern

i KNOW i read an article in the courant of late saying it was bought AND would be reconstructed and reopened. i can NOT find that article at all. i found a COMMENTS section for the article but the story (mysteriously?????) has disappeared

here is one of my original pettibone posts the fire damage posting

i solved the 'mystery'. seems like the sci-fi channel's show ghost hunters did an episode on some new england murders and included pettibone tavern

it IS inhabited by the ghost of abigail. of that i have NO doubt. however, i KNOW she's not going to show herself to no damn ghost hunters from the sci fi channel!!!


Connecticut Man1 said...

I saw the episode last night... Well? I should saw I saw my daughter watching it while I was surfing the net and my ears perked up for that story when they mentioned they would be in Simsbury for that story. lol

Connecticut Man1 said...

OOPS "I should say I saw"

a rose is a rose said...

haven't seen it (yet) but i HAVE seen her (well felt her presence)

Anonymous said...

from information in the "reveal" portion of the episode, the claims that Abigail was murdered at the Pettibone Tavern were debunked. The child in the picture was their youngest, a boy, not Abigail.

a rose is a rose said...

didn't see the episode crystalstar. however, as i said, i HAVE seen an actal 'something' at the pettibone