Saturday, January 05, 2008

vodka is my drink of choice

so if you EVER need a tester mr kozub, i'm your babe (really). my friends at the the half door (well eddie in particular and shawn as well) set up a test for me a couple of years ago. i went outside and they poured i believe it was 4 or 5 little sips of vodka. i was only to tell the high end from the well. i not only did that, but i named each brand (that part most likely was luck but one never knows). my drink of choice is stoli o, and stoli in general (their elit is over the top i tell ya!). i like level, ketel one and skye is passable. i dislike with a PASSION grey goose. it tastes like mold to me. i don't know how people can drink it. it's horrid

Vodka Maker Gets His Big Shot
By ERIC GERSHON Courant Staff Writer
Paul Kozub hadn't come to the Sidewalk Cafe looking for Julie and Doreen, two Hartford schoolteachers sipping martinis on a Thursday afternoon.But they were just the sort of people he likes to meet: vodka drinkers.And once they learned who he was, the sense of good fortune was mutual. "You hit the right people," Julie Morrin told Kozub upon his offer to pour them a taste of the high-end vodka he developed in his basement in Hadley, Mass., and produces in Poland, land of his forebears."We are big vodka people," Doreen Clapis chimed in.Kozub was off and running. The 33-year-old aspiring vodka magnate had left his job as a commercial banker two years ago. Since then, he had been selling his spirits one bar and one package store at a time, building a customer base 500 strong in Massachusetts...............

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