Thursday, January 03, 2008

john durham; crimebuster

i don't know too awfully much about mr durham. the little i did hear was rather positive. i wish mr durham very much luck in his new investigation. i want to believe something will come of this. something MUST come of this. i know what happened when our king promised he would make whoever was responsible for OUTING A COVERT CIA AGENT, pay. they 'convicted' a lesser peon but the king let him walk anyway.

i WANT to believe people who commit crimes against humanity (i.e. king george and the big dick et al) AND those who ignore the geneva convention will be properly punished. i have my fingers crossed here.

much luck to you mr durham.

Leader Chosen In CIA Probe
Attorney General Names Prosecutor From Connecticut

By EDMUND H. MAHONY And LYNNE TUOHY Courant Staff Writers

The U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday named John Durham, a veteran mob-buster and public corruption prosecutor from New Haven, to lead a politically charged investigation into the destruction of CIA videotapes documenting the interrogation of al-Qaida terror suspects.Longtime colleagues of Durham, who recently concluded another bruising, special investigation of FBI corruption in Boston, said the appointment by Attorney General Michael Mukasey signals a willingness by Justice to conduct an unbiased probe into the destruction of the tapes. "He is ethical and has an incredible work ethic, and if anyone can get to the bottom on these facts, it is him," said Michael Clark, a retired FBI supervisor who worked closely with Durham on high-profile political corruption cases in Connecticut. "He will take the politics out of it and get to the bottom of it."Durham's appointment comes just weeks after the White House named Connecticut U.S. Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor associate U.S. attorney general, the third-ranking post at Justice. O'Connor, who is awaiting confirmation, said he had high praise for Durham during discussions of his possible appointment in the CIA case.......

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