Thursday, May 24, 2007

yeah, watch your phone bills

i'm just saying - my phone bills (and my pops) have been a bit 'iffy' of late. there are always charges on there i don't understand (never big ones but a buck here and there) but of late, we've been getting TWO bills

FTC Warns Customers To Check Phone Bills For Cramming

There are complaints across the country and in Connecticut about a practice called cramming.
Customers are being charged on their phone bills for services they never wanted.
Jane Bolton noticed two company names she didn't recognize on her AT&T bill. One was Enhanced Services Billing Incorporated, or ESBI, and the other was Residential E-mail

She noticed they had been charging her $15.85 a month for six months but said she didn't know what for.
NBC 30 found out that ESBI is something called a billing aggregator that collects charges for other companies. In this case, it was for Residential E-mail, a company that offers online discounts if you pay for their email service.
Bolton said she never signed up for this service.
She called customer service and spoke to a representative, who told her that she requested it and had a three-month trial that she never canceled.
NBC 30 found out that the Federal Trade Commission accused ESBI of cramming in 2001, which is when companies illegally cram unauthorized charges onto a person's phone bill............

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