Thursday, May 24, 2007

i so think this is THE RIGHT thing to do

when one is going through something such as chemo. why the hell wouldn't it be ok to grow a plant or two? why not allow someone who is VERY ill to smoke a j instead of taking some sort of narcotic? just because one can write a prescription for the narcotic doesn't make it any safer or better than a splif.

i'm not talking legalizing marijuana for the masses here. i'm talking for the terminally ill or very heavy duty chronicly ill

State House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

By COLIN POITRAS, The Hartford Courant

The state House of Representatives Wednesday passed a measure allowing seriously ill individuals to grow marijuana at home to ease their pain.The bill passed by a 89-58 bipartisan vote that was comprised of a unique coalition of supportive lawmakers, who appeared to be bonded by their own experiences with family members and friends suffering with chronic or terminal illnesses.

Bill opponents said it sends the wrong message to young people that it is OK to use illegal drugs and that illegal drugs can be good for you.But Rep. Russell Morin, D-Wethersfield and a father of three, spoke of another message he wanted to send to his children by passing the bill...........

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