Friday, May 25, 2007

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InauguRELLgate: Krayeske Files Lawsuit, Reveals Details on Bond

Ken Krayeske filed a lawsuit on Thursday in federal court against the Hartford Police Department, three named officers, and one unnamed officer.
The grounds of his lawsuit are "false arrest, unreasonable bond and the denial of rights to freedom of expression, freedom of the press and due process of law arising under the First, Fourth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution."
A few new details on the story are revealed in the text of the
filing (pdf). Many of us here at MLN were as concerned about the outrageous $75,000 bond that appeared to have been used to unlawfully keep Ken in lockup so that he would be unable to attend Jodi Rell's inaugural ball. Ken had been tight-lipped about exactly what happened to him in custody, but his filing reveals some of the details that he had been unable to discuss earlier:
Prior to his arrest, Mr. Krayeske had written about the inauguration in an ironic tone, informing readers that "[T]ickets to see the Fairy Godmother turn herself into Cinderella are only $150." Mr. Krayeske expressed dissent about the governor's priorities......

..........And in a remarkably ironic and disturbing twist, Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie reports that Krayeske was hassled by law enforcement just this week when he came to the Capitol:...........

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