Thursday, May 24, 2007

king george says..........

President addresses Coast Guard Academy cadets

(New London-WTNH)_President Bush spoke to cadets at the Coast Guard Academy graduation ceremony in New London Wednesday, congratulating them on their achievement and making his case for continuing the war effort in Iraq. The commander in chief gave the commencement address for the second time in recent memory.
In addition to the cadets themselves the arrival of the keynote speaker was also greatly anticipated.
President Bush wasted no time in reaffirming the mission of the 228 graduates who will serve under the Department of Homeland Security...........

'Victory In Iraq Is Vital' Bush Speaks In New London

By JESSE HAMILTON, The Hartford Courant

NEW LONDON -- Much may have changed in the four years since he last delivered a graduation speech here, but in an address to today's U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates, President George W. Bush again delivered his belief that progress is being made in the war against terrorism.In an effort to defend his war strategy, Bush on Tuesday declassified intelligence asserting that Osama bin Laden in 2005 ordered a top lieutenant to form a terrorist cell to conduct attacks outside Iraq, and said the U.S. should be a top target.

Today Bush, standing under a cloudless blue sky in front of the Thames River, spoke at length about al-Qaeda and said "We must defeat al-Qaeda in Iraq.""Victory in Iraq is important for Osama bin Laden, and victory in Iraq is vital for the United States of America," he said............

Bush Cites Report On Bin Laden During Coast Guard Graduation

NEW LONDON, Conn. -- President George W. Bush, stressing that Americans face an ongoing threat from terrorists, shared intelligence on Wednesday asserting that Osama bin Laden was working in 2005 to set up a unit inside Iraq to hit U.S. targets.
Much of the information Bush cited in a commencement address at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy described terrorism plots already revealed, but he fleshed out details and highlighted U.S. successes in foiling planned attacks.
Bush said that intelligence showed that in January 2005, bin Laden tasked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, his senior operative in Iraq, to set up the cell to use Iraq as a staging ground for attacks in the United States. Al-Zarqawi was killed in Iraq in June 2006 by a U.S. airstrike......

his 'intelligence'? do you think i for ONE SECOND believe his 'intelligence' (yeah, it could have more than one meaning)? did king george get his 'intelligence' about osama from the same peeps he got the weapons of mass destruction 'intelligence' from? we ALL know saddam (who was wickedly evil and was soul-less) was NEVER going to allow osama (who is also wickedly evil and soul-less) in his country. they were certainly never buds. yes there ARE terrorists out there. many in iraq now. there WERE VERY FEW (if any) TERRORISTS in iraq BEFORE WE ATTACKED AND INVADED THEIR COUNTRY. WE are responsible for creating whatever happens in THAT country now and forever and ever.

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