Monday, April 09, 2007

the wild gang of west hartford

turkeys that is.

they ususally DO travel in packs. they can be mean. they ARE huge (bigger than one thinks) and they eat like oinkers.

just about a year ago, a big ol' wild turkey landed on a lower roof at work

Neighborhood In The Grip Of Gobblers

By HILDA MUĂ‘OZ, And DANIEL P. JONES Courant Staff Writers

WEST HARTFORD -- It's more Birds Gone Wild than an Alfred Hitchcock thriller, but some wild turkeys have become the new neighborhood punks in an area off King Philip Drive.In the past month, the increasingly brazen birds have surrounded cars on driveways, torn up gardens, chased pedestrians and postal workers and even attacked a cop, pecking the officer's hand and drawing blood."They pick the bulbs from my flowers. I have to chase them away," said Maria Rodrigues, a Brewster Road resident for nine years. "They chase cars, too."..........

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