Wednesday, April 11, 2007

while everyone is chit chatting

and playing nice-nice with catholic hospitals what is happening to the women who are being assaulted and brought to catholic hospitals in the mean time?

(remember plan b is NOT an abortion pill. no matter what people say, what you hear, IT IS NOT AN ABORTION PILL)

Plan B at Connecticut Catholic hospitals

(Hartford-NECN) _ Connecticut lawmakers and the Catholic clergy are struggling with how to treat rape victims brought to emergency rooms at Catholic hospitals.
Victims advocates say emergency contraception is not something women who are raped can do without.
"No woman should be forced to carry the child of a rapist or choose to have an abortion because she was denied a simple course of pills when she needed it," said Laura Cordes of the CT Sexual Assault Crisis Service. "Rape victims can't wait for emergency contraception because emergency contraception is most effective at preventing a pregnancy the sooner it is taken."
Lawmakers know that for Catholic hospitals, this is not only a legal and medical issue.
"We understand and are very sensitive to the fact that there's an issue of faith that's implicated here," said State Senator Jonathan Harris.
Harris says there are enough votes to get a bill requiring all hospitals in the state to provide emergency contraception out of committee, but he does not want to force this on Catholic hospitals. To that end, talks have been ongoing for months. ...........

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