Friday, April 13, 2007

from our buds over at the cool justice report

more on the saga of billy smolinski

Wtby Paper: Police Release File On Missing Man
Thursday, April 12, 2007 BY BRYNN MANDEL Copyright © 2007 Republican-American
The state Freedom of Information commission on Wednesday ordered the release of much of the police investigative file in the case of Billy Smolinski Jr., a Waterbury man who disappeared nearly three years ago.The file included statements from those who had seen Smolinski in the days leading to Aug. 24, 2004, when the then-31-year-old Naugatuck native was last seen. The documents detail leads and tips chased down by Waterbury police, from September 2004 through June of last year.Waterbury police said last August that they had "exhausted all avenues of investigation available to us" and were turning the case over to the FBI.A FBI spokeswoman said Wednesday the agency is investigating the case, and they continue to receive information from Waterbury police. She declined to answer any other questions.Across all 14 of the written reports made public Wednesday, the offense listed was "missing person.".............


Shocking Bomb In Smolinski File

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report,

An informant told Waterbury police in June 2006 that Billy Smolinski was murdered in a Woodbridge apartment and buried under concrete in a Shelton development.The informant gave detectives the names of several suspects.Inexplicably, it appears the lead was not followed up except for a drive by the development on Hubbell Lane in the White Hills section of Shelton.Two Waterbury detectives met with the informant. Their report on the meeting was among 17 pages released today by order of the state Freedom of Information Commission...........

why weren't leads followed up? why were the police acting odd? why were ANY of these reports secret? (have you ever heard of secret reports on missing citizens? we're not talking high level spys here. we're talking your neighbor)

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