Wednesday, March 28, 2007

this angers me no end

nothing has changed since, let's say last week (or we could even say the mid-90s) EXCEPT the courant did a couple of pieces on foley and the allegations against him

yet it was just announced he was kicked out of the seminary (as a residence) in bloomfield and ordered to get rid of his fake police/fire car.

foley was never convicted of anything YET there is strong evidence against him. it appears the catholic church took all of the allegations seriously since it did indeed remove him from parishes, strip him of his collar (he has NOT been stripped of the priesthood mind you) and remove him from being the police/fire chaplain.

it was no problem for reporters to go on the bloomfield seminary grounds and SEE foley's fake police/fire car. one would imagine all of the catholic clergy who reside AND visit there would ALSO see that car. one would think when they did indeed see that car WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY ALLOW HIM TO KEEP IT????

did the archdiocese of hartford grow a set now ONLY because of the negative publicity? now THAT is what makes me sick.

we MUST (catholic or whatever) protect our children AT ALL TIMES not only when we may receive negative press

Diocese Tells Priest To Leave


The Archdiocese of Hartford has ordered the Rev. Stephen Foley, suspected of being a child molester, to leave St. Thomas Seminary in Bloomfield and sell the police-equipped Crown Victoria he's been driving for years even though he no longer serves as a police or fire chaplain.The decision was made by Archbishop Henry Mansell and communicated to Foley Tuesday afternoon in a phone call from the Rev. Gerard G. Schmitz, the vicar for priests, according to diocesan spokesman the Rev. John Gatzak..........

"The bishop has taken immediate action," Gatzak said. "Stephen Foley is no longer welcome to reside at St. Thomas Seminary. He has been asked to make immediate plans to vacate and he's been told to get rid of the car.".........

Foley's attorney, Walter R. Hampton Jr., said Tuesday night it is "incorrect" to say that his client is leaving the seminary...........

Hampton said Foley still has the car."There would be absolutely no reason for him to turn in the car. The fact he drives a Crown Victoria is no different than me driving a Subaru," Hampton said

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