Tuesday, March 27, 2007

the cool justice report, reports on billy smolinski

please stop by the cool justice report to read a very thorough report on the disappearance of billy smolinski.

the story of jan smolinski (billy's mother) has been in the papers of late. ms smolinski is working tirelessly to get laws passed to assist in cases of MISSING ADULTS.

i had NO idea exactly what ms smolinski was up against. information appears to have been kept from her by the waterbury police department. ms smolinski was arrested by the police department for PUTTING UP FLYERS REGARDING HER MISSING SON.

what is wrong with this picture?

jim brewer wrote the article andy thibault did the investigation. give it a read. it's EYE OPENING.

to the smolinski's, i hope you find peace. i'm sorry you had to go through what you did.

Sex, Violence & Politics, aka The Smolinski Case
Cool Justice Report Exclusive:Government Inaction And Unaccountability Why Does This Case Stink Like A Cover-Up?FOI Officer Orders Disclosure Of Police Reports In Smolinski Missing Person Love Triangle Case Family Clings To Shred Of Hope That Investigation Will Generate Results
The Cool Justice Report www.cooljustice.blogspot.com
March 25, 2007 EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is available for reprint courtesy of The Cool Justice Report, http://cooljustice.blogspot.comPolice reports about the Smolinski Missing Person Love Triangle Case are scheduled to be released to the public next month, giving Billy Smolinski’s family a shred of hope that the investigation will finally generate some results..........

.............The FOI decision notes the documents requested were “any and all reports … mentioning Madeleine Gleason and / or Christian Sorensen.” Several high-ranking members of the Waterbury Police Department – including Chief Neil O’Leary – had confirmed to Waterbury Observer Publisher John Murray the identities of Gleason and Sorensen as part of a love triangle with Billy Smolinski.Gleason, a bus driver in Woodbridge, went public with a bizarre legal action. After tearing down handbills about a reward for finding Billy Smolinski, Gleason sued Jan Smolinski and Murray, accusing them of violating her privacy. Murray had published photos of Gleason in public.Compounding the absurdity and outrageousness of this case, Woodbridge arrested Jan Smolinski and accused her of disorderly conduct for posting reward flyers about her missing son. The case was dismissed.............


Melissa Greene said...

I just saw the story about Billy Smolinski today. I guess because I have 4 boys, this story really touched me, and then to find out what his family went through with the crazy ex ripping down the missing posters, his mother getting arrested, and the police witholding information from them, I was outraged. WTF? There are so many things wrong with this situation. How the prosecuting atty. could even bring charges against her, regardless that they were eventually dropped, is absolutely insane!!! Talk about misjustice...Regarding Madeleine Gleason, only a guilty person would behave that way. What a real peice of sh@t. Her behavior speaks for itself. If it was my ex, I or any other normal person, would be helping the family out to help find him. Her lawyer is full of it too, if he thinks she's innocent, and not involved in Billy's disappearance. I hope this case is still active and that the authorities find out what happened, so that the family can have closure, and find some peace in knowing what happened to Billy. God Bless Jan and her family and all those with missing loved ones.
Melissa Greene

a rose is a rose said...

janice is on facebook - if you'd like to keep up with her, please befriend her. she continues to post on missing people (as well as other things)

i don't think billy's family will EVER rest until there is justice