Friday, March 30, 2007

da liebs is living in the SAME world as mccain is

remember the other day mccain said it was SAFE to take walks through some iraqi neighborhoods? well i wanna see johnny and joey hand in hand strolling on a breezy summer's eve right down an iraqi main street or two! oh, WITHOUT armed security protective forces of course

every day you pick up the paper and read about the horrors. the people fleeing their homes for other countries. the retaliation killings, the bodies found.

i don't know WHAT soldiers they talked to that said it's getting better. i say put the crack pipe down, back away slowly AND COME BACK TO REALITY

Lieberman: Soldiers 'more confident' in Iraq

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Connecticut, told CNN Thursday he thinks the president's changed policy in Iraq has successfully decreased the violence in Baghdad and increased the confidence of U.S. forces there."Our soldiers told [Ret. Gen. Jack Keane] they feel more confident than ever as they go on patrol in Baghdad in the neighborhoods we've settled into with their Iraqi colleagues," Lieberman told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "The Iraqi people are coming out and protecting them because they have chased out the fanatics on both sides, those who were carrying out sectarian killings." (Watch video: CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviews Sen. Lieberman)"The American soldier is more confident walking the streets of Baghdad today and that's a very important change," he added.........

(one of the soldiers i correspond with was especially wary about 'walking the streets'. he told me they all have to bring their gas masks with them now. lots of chlorine attacks)

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