Saturday, March 31, 2007

it's already starting in west hartford because of black and blue square

i KNEW it would. didn't know it would be that soon.

i went to whole foods yesterday afternoon about noon. yes, i know it's usually a bit more crowded at that time. i know not only the regular crew of shoppers is there but some of the construction workers from black and blue also stop off to get lunch. they don't drive though, they walk across the street. there is a new light at the entrance of whole foods. it's jamming up the lot AND raymond road. i know they did build another entrance into whole foods from trout brook too AND there is an entrance from farmington avenue (which i use). the lot was a mess. all of the spots were full (of GIANT UNNEEDED AND UNNECESSARY i might add) SUVs. suvs being driven by ONE person, not entire families. SUVs taking up 1 1/2 parking spots.

the traffic was a nightmare and black and blue square isn't anywhere near open yet. i can only imagine

i'm already saying i told ya so


Judy Aron said...

I knew it all along..
It's going to be, and already is, a traffic nightmare. I have dozens of friends from outside of West Hartford that won't even come to shop here anymore. Seniors steer clear of the center as well. But that's what the people here wanted.

a rose is a rose said...

judy, i'm a lifelong (well i moved here when i was 9) west hartford resident. i voted AGAINST it twice. i do NOT want MORE people in west hartford center. i think it will drive merchants OUT rather than help them (in the long run). the rents in the center are already prohibitive, i can only imagine what they will become.

i can't wait to get our next tax bill..................... my pops lives here as well. he's 80 and on a fixed income.......

Anonymous said...

TRAITOR!!! What the hell are you doing shopping at whole foods.. I am ashamed of you.

a rose is a rose said...

so can i assume you'll be praying for my blackened soul anonymous?