Thursday, February 01, 2007

a shout out to beth and annie

annie and beth and i got together for a bit last night.

i miss you guys SO much. we really WERE on the cutting edge (turns out when we worked together, beth and i made annie a 'commode' around her desk so we could get more work out of her. we insisted she use the 'commode' instead of getting up and going to the women's loo).

and who could forget the time we had patsy cline day? OR the day we celebrated bob marley AND johnny cash. we all had to bring something in to eat either from jamaica OR down south.

who could forget them peppering the halls with pictures of me walking a miniature horse (my big fat head pasted on someone else's body) ???? hey, i don't get it either but it WAS funny.

i love my job now and i know they both are happy where they are as well. it's NOT the same though. who knew how good we had it back in the day?

i love YOU more

p.s. whoops, tell my boyfriend, your husband i'm sorry i forgot to give xena back. she was in my front seat. what a DOPE

p.p.s. YOU are damn lucky i didn't call the police when you BASHED my car in

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