Monday, January 29, 2007

i remember back in the day..........

you could only buy certain vegetables and fruits while they were 'in season'. sure, that's still true with some items, BUT the seasons are a LOT longer now and more and more different types of fruits and vegetables are available. they're even available in our local markets like stop & shop.

i frequent the super stop & shop in hartford, whole foods in west hartford, a dong an asian market by shield street in west hartford and cosmos international an indian market on farmington avenue in west hartford.

stop & shop has a TON of vegetables and fruits enjoyed for years by the hispanic community. whole foods has all sorts of dried and fresh exotic mushrooms as well as an array of other great fruits and vegetables. a dong has asian fruits and vegetables as well as a kick-ass frozen food section and bags and bags of all sorts of rice. cosmos has the BEST and the CHEAPEST spices around.

if you live in the greater hartford area, i would strongly suggest you give these stores a try. cosmos is rather small, the other three markets are large.

there is WAY more out there than meat and potatoes

Farmers see growing market in ethnic vegetables

(New Brunswick, NJ-AP) _ A plan for the east coast, including Connecticut, to create a blueprint that would develop a market to link farm growers with ethnic markets.
The drive for such a plan has been the increasingly diverse marketplace of consumers who want products such as cilantro, which is used in salsa or Chinese eggplant. Farmers have recognized demographic trends that show a change in the consumer base, leading to a niche market in agriculture........................

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