Wednesday, January 31, 2007

unfortunately i was unable to attend yesterday morning

ken krayeske's plea hearing (or whatever it's called). i really DID want to go. i thought my first (work) meeting was later than it was, but it was at 9 and that would not have given me enough time to protest (i miss the good old days!). i am going to follow this closely. i have over the past couple of weeks found others in connecticut who have been arrested for (alleged) crimes such as RUNNING OVER a city official and FIRING A RIFLE INTO A CROWD. both of those people had bail amounts SET LESS than mr krayeske's. that IS INSANE.

free kenny!!!

Not guilty plea from Krayeske

(Hartford-WTNH) _ A freelance journalist who was arrested at the governor's inauguration parade entered a not guilty plea in court Tuesday.
With signs in hand more than a dozen protestors defended freedom of speech alongside freelance journalist Ken Krayeske at the steps of the state Supreme Court.
"I was acting as a journalist," he said.
Krayeske, 34, was arrested during Governor Jodi Rell's inaugural parade January 3rd. Hartford police arrested the political activist for "breaching the parade route" to take pictures of Governor Rell.
Authorities say Krayeske's photo and arrest background were on a security flier distributed by state police. That flier has his backers concerned.
"We know some kind of list exists," said Cliff Thorton, former Green Party candidate for Governor. "Though we won't see it, we'll have to press for it.".......

the courant has a more thorough article on mr krayeske today. a NEW witness has stepped forward to say he did NOT 'rush' the governor. he was simply standing CALMLY taking photographs.

Krayeske Pleads Not Guilty Activist Requests Jury Trial In Case Stemming From Arrest At Inaugural Parade
By JON LENDER Courant Staff Writer January 31 2007 Political activist and free-lance journalist Kenneth Krayeske Tuesday entered a not-guilty plea, requested a jury trial and saw his court case continued until March - as a new witness surfaced to dispute Hartford police officers' account of events that led to his arrest Jan. 3 while taking pictures at Gov. M. Jodi Rell's inauguration parade."This man did not rush into the parade at Rell as the Hartford police have said," witness Marge Nichols of Lebanon said in a written statement that Krayeske's lawyer, Norman Pattis, gave reporters before his client's appearance in Hartford Superior Court on charges of breach of peace and interfering with police. Pattis requested, and was granted, a pretrial conference March 2 with a prosecutor, to be supervised by a judge, to discuss possible resolutions of the case. Pattis told reporters the prosecution was uncooperative, adding that Assistant State's Attorney Mark W. Brodsky did not even want to read Nichols' statement during a short conference.When Krayeske appeared briefly in court before Judge David P. Gold, Pattis said his client "appears to be being treated differently than any other protest case that I've had."Pattis said later if the case goes to trial, "we'll get an acquittal."........


Fuzzy Turtle said...

I have ...found others in connecticut who have been arrested for (alleged) crimes such as RUNNING OVER a city official and FIRING A RIFLE INTO A CROWD

Ah yes but the people in this state LOVE their guns! God bless the NRA
(*rolls eyes.. I jest of course*)

I'm still wondering why the ACLU hasn't gotten involved. I'm disappointed in this lack of support from them.

a rose is a rose said...

i don't know why they aren't involved. i was going to make a nasty crack (about SOME of the clients they DO defend) but i won't.

i really DID want to go on tuesday. it's only a stone's throw from my work, but i just couldn't