Tuesday, January 30, 2007

the only thing that emboldens the 'enemy'

is US imposing our ideas of democracy on them.

WE are just continuing to piss them off. piss them off and they have guns and bombs. WE invaded THEIR country for NO reason.

WE do NOT understand their culture and WE are making NO efforts to do so. their culture IS very different from ours.

i think da liebs ought to take his OWN message. start thinking about TODAY AND TOMORROW.

he has only ONE issue. he has only ONE goal and it has NOTHING to do with either the people of the great state of connecticut OR the people of the (once and i hope it will be again) great nation of america
Lieberman agrees Iraq resolutions 'encourage the enemy'

Filed by Ron Brynaert

Referring to himself as an "Independent Democrat," Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) agreed with President Bush's new Defense Secretary that congressional resolutions embolden the enemy, on the same day that a Democratic senator said that it was president's "failed" strategy which actually achieved that effect, not Congress.
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Lieberman told host Chris Wallace that Democrats need to "start thinking less about yesterday and more about today and tomorrow.""There was a large message from the election last year, and it wasn't just about Iraq," Lieberman said. "It was about too much partisanship in Washington.""The president said afterward he got it, the leaders of both parties said afterward they got it," Lieberman continued. "And yet we seem to be sliding back into the partisanship."Wallace asked Lieberman if he thought that the resolution drafted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee which voiced disapproval on the president's "surge" strategy would "have any practical effect on the war effort."..........

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