Friday, January 05, 2007

yesterday was january 4th

and i swear i saw a few mosquitoes and a bee. today is the 5th and it will be in the mid 50s out. tomorrow, the 6th, we are supposed to get up to the mid 60s.

and yes, the bulbs i planted a few weeks ago are in fact sending shoots up

Unseasonable weather brings out blooms

by News Channel 8's Tina Detelj Posted Jan. 4, 20065:45 PM
(New London-WTNH) _ If you didn't look at the calendar you might not know it's January. The balmy weather is bringing people outdoors and also fooling some flowering plants.
A cherry tree in the Harris Place Plaza in New London is getting a lot of attention. It first bloomed last week and has been spreading a spring-like feel ever since.
"Isn't it ridiculous," Diane Svenning of Mystic said. "I mean, I love it, trust me."
These warmer temperatures are welcome for many reasons.
"I love it," Mark Cornish of New London said. "Saving me a lot in electricity bills heating bills."
Folks are turning the heat down and leaving their heavy jackets at home............

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