Friday, January 05, 2007

i don't really have to be at work at 3 am. i'm just a chronic insomniac

i don’t know why the west hartford police have to be sooooooooo mean! they just carted off, in a cruiser, the brand new LOVE OF MY LIFE.

(kidding). once again a SHOUT OUT to them. (whenever our paths cross, i have always had a positive experience with the west hartford police force).

on my way to work this morning, iwas mindin’ my own bid-nez as everyone knows i do. i stopped and got my coffee (just down the street from work) and for some reason or another, i decided i just had to quick head home again to get somethin’ somethin’. i got my somethin’ somethin’ and was headed back to work. no sooner than i was four blocks down the street and stopped at a light (yes, I DO stop at 3 am) this TINY little teeny weenie dog whose name was obviously mambo sven (please see:
started to come up to my car IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. i flung open my car door and he or she (i never did check) jumped right in. mambo sven stayed by my feet because i had a butt in my hand and i could tell teeny mambo sven didn’t care for it. so i put it out (in my ashtray, i NEVER litter) and teeny mambo sven immediately jumped right into my lap and put her or his head on my neck (i fell in love right there and then). i’m stopped in the middle of the road mind you. of course it’s 3 am so thankfully there was NO traffic. i have my dome light on, my door open, the music going (robin trower whom teeny mambo sven seemed to like a great deal) and my flashers on. i decided to pull just around the corner to get a bit more out of the way. i tried to read the little tag on the dog hoping above all hope it was a name and phone number. no such luck. it was a vaccination tag. i couldn’t kick teeny mambo sven out of my car and i knew i couldn’t bring teeny mambo sven to work so i had to think of what to do. hey, i have an idea i says to myself, why don’t i call west Hartford animal control! so i did. hoping upon hope someone was there. guess what? at 3 am, NO ONE is there. you get a recording telling you if it’s an emergency to call the west hartford police (and they give you the number too on the recording). i had no choice but to call the police. they asked my name, my phone number and what kind of car i was in and of course location. within a couple of minutes a VERY CORDIAL (especially for that time of day) west hartford police officer arrived. i told him i just couldn’t leave teeny mambo sven wandering around the roads of the hood (i’m thinking coyotes now). the officer took down the same info (it’s a rule i believe. to give the same information you gave over the phone – in person now. i’m NOT complaining – i just think it odd indeed). then he tossed teeny mambo sven (well, he really didn’t TOSS the hound from hell, i used that word for dramatic effect) into the back of the cruiser. the officer advised me to make a follow-up call to animal control. "who knows", he said, "perhaps no one will claim little teeny mambo sven" (of course the officer also pointed out teeny mambo sven was groomed and looked well-fed). I’d love for mambo sven to be found by her or his family (at the same time, in my soul, i’d also like to be able to have mambo sven in MY life)

and now both my car and i SMELL LIKE DOG (and it’s been far too long since that was the case).

i love you teeny mambo sven

And thanks again to the officer for his kindness

mambo sven busted and in a west hartford police car

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