Friday, January 05, 2007

i have always had a 'thing' for marsupials

the ONLY thing i remember from 4th grade is this:

are you a marsupial?
do you have a pouch?
if i pinch you on the outside
will someone inside yell ouch?

i even named one of my hounds from hell baby roo (as in kanga and...)

my (second) favorite 'growing up' show on animal planet is marsupial (man those tasmanian devils are cute)

this is a rather sad story but it was cool that this wallaby may have been on the loose in connecticut for a COUPLE OF YEARS

A Traveler's Sad Night On The Road, Mate A Long Way From Australia, A Wallaby Comes Out Where It Is Least Expected And Is Struck And Killed By A Passing Car

By TRACY GORDON FOX Courant Staff Writer January 4 2007 MARLBOROUGH -- Ellen Jagielo was heading home from a shopping trip Tuesday night when she saw an animal standing on its hind legs, trapped in the beam of her headlights, just before she struck it."Mom," her daughter screamed. "You just hit a kangaroo!""Don't tell anyone that," Jagielo told her daughter as she turned her car around on Route 66 to see what she had just hit. "They'll think you are insane."Jagielo and her daughter, 23-year-old Jillian Jagielo, had never seen anything like the grayish-brown plush animal that lay dead on the side of the road. Baffled, they called Jagielo's son, Neil Jagielo, 27, who lives with his wife just down the road from the mishap."Looks like a kangaroo," Neil said when he arrived.Actually, it was a wallaby, a kangaroo-like marsupial indigenous to Australia, according to state police and state Department of Environmental Protection officers who responded to the unusual call around 9:30 p.m. They had to look up pictures on the Internet to confirm it was a wallaby, a stubbier, stockier version of a kangaroo."I didn't know what it was," Ellen Jagielo said Wednesday outside her son's home on Route 66, where they still had the carcass of the beagle-sized animal in the back of a pickup truck. They are not sure whether they should offer the carcass to a museum or a university for study. "I feel terrible," she said. "He's beautiful."No one knows where the animal came from or why it was hopping out of a wooded area in Marlborough near Hebron."This is the weirdest car vs. animal call I've ever responded to," said Marlborough Resident Trooper Mark Packer. DEP officials suspect someone had been keeping it illegally and it escaped."The woods have been full of hunters and no one has seen it," said Capt. John Smutnick of the DEP police. "It leads me to believe it was a recent escape."But Jan Veilleux of Plymouth wonders if it was her "Joey" - a pet wallaby that escaped from her home in July 2004. She got calls from as far as the Midwest from people who said they saw him. She said a wayward wallaby could have easily hopped to Marlborough. "They move fast," she said............

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