Monday, January 01, 2007

talk about waking up from (to) a nightmare

i'm glad the spraggins are back safe and sound in connecticut and i'm sorry they had to go through that horror

Menacing Eyes, Shotgun In The Dark Connecticut Trooper Prevails In Ferocious Fight To Defend Family In Ghana

By TRACY GORDON FOX Courant Staff Writer December 31 2006 Trooper Scott Spraggins opened his eyes to the African darkness, awakened by a strange scraping noise. It was different from the crickets and the whir of central air conditioning in the gated, elegant home where he and his family had been staying during their trip this month to Ghana.He padded barefoot from the bedroom down a darkened hallway and opened a door that led to the living room.He saw three sets of eyes glaring at him. He also caught the outline of a shotgun in the hands of one of the intruders.Spraggins, a former U.S. Marine, and his wife, Angelica, a Ghanaian national, said they had been warned about a series of robberies in the suburbs of Accra, the capital where they were visiting her relatives. They were told the bandits would sometimes just take valuables, but frequently would shoot the men and rape the women before leaving with their booty.Spraggins wasn't about to gamble early that morning of Dec. 21, not when his wife, his mother, and his two daughters, Sophia, 5, and Sabrina, 15 months, were sleeping down the hall."I knew I was going to be the last one standing," Spraggins, 35, said.Scott and Angelica Spraggins, 39, and his mother, Lyla Mills, 63, now back home in Newtown, recalled how they fought with the three armed intruders. Scott Spraggins slashed one of the bandits in the abdomen and blinded another in one eye..........

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