Thursday, November 16, 2006


it's absolute sick-making. just because someone has the same job for 18 years does NOT necessarily make that person the RIGHT person to continue to hold that job. da liebs not only doesn't see anything wrong with over 2,800 of our men and women being sent to their deaths BUT he wants to SEND MORE. based on that alone, it was one hell of a GIANT mistake to have re-elected him.

Lieberman: From Democratic reject to Washington kingmaker

By Mark LeibovichThe New York Times

Senator Joseph Lieberman strode into a Democratic caucus gathering as if he owned the place or, at the very least, like someone who is a flight risk and could leave at any minute, taking the Democrats' new majority with him.
In other words, everyone was extra-special nice to the wayward Democrat on Tuesday.
"It was all very warm, lots of hugs, high-fives, that kind of stuff," said Senator Ken Salazar, Democrat of Colorado.
"One senator after another kept coming up and shaking his hand," marveled Senator Ron Wyden, Democrat of Oregon.
"I gave him a hug and a kiss," noted Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat of Arkansas.
Lieberman received a standing ovation at a caucus luncheon after Senator Harry Reid, who is poised to become the majority leader, declared, "We're all family."
All of which is particularly touching in light of recent history.
It was, after all, just three months ago that Lieberman became something of a party pariah after losing the Democratic primary in Connecticut but continuing his re-election bid as an independent.
Lieberman won re-election last week without help from most of his Democratic Senate colleagues, who backed Ned Lamont, his Democratic rival, over their "good friend Joe Lieberman."...........

picture: Back in the good graces of the Democratic Party, the wayward Joseph Lieberman, center, with Senators Russell Feingold, left, and Susan Collins, a Republican. ( Alex Wong/Getty Images-AFP )

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